Gemef Industries


French manufacturer of extruded cereal crisps with different parameters:

Types of crisps:

Application: in the production of confectionery fillings, as the topping, additions to chocolate bars, wafers, decorations on the surface of the product, to the ice cream, as a coating, a variety of cereals, granola bars to, etc



French manufacturer of flavors and caramel

Application: sweet and culinary applications, sauces and toppings for ice cream, fillings, caramels for decoration, additives for chocolate.

Low calorie caramel "Cara'light", New! - approx. 30% less calories than standard caramel filling

Application: dietetic bars, biscuits, chocolates, topping for ice cream.

Chocolate concept "Choco'box", New! - chocolate ideas with various fillings and flavours:



French manufacturer of edible tree nuts.

Edible tree nuts:
walnut kernel, almond, macadamia, hazelnut, pecan, pine kernel, pistachio, cashew, cocoa (without peanuts); single or mixed.

In various forms:
Whole or in pieces, caramelized, roasted, pasteurized, blanched, sugar-coated, chocolate-coated, with the addition of antioxidants, mixtures of nuts pieces and caramel, pure paste 100% nuts.

Coconut sugar coated

Corn - in pieces, salted

Popcorn caramelized 1-4 mm - New!

Application: cakes, bakery products, chocolate, ice cream, cheese, dairy products, snacks, etc.



Spanish manufacturer of collagen hydrolysate obtained from pig/beef bones and joint tissues

Natural collagen protein, obtained in the process of hydrolysis, completely skimmed to make it more friendly for our digestive system. The product completely soluble with a neutral taste, color and smell.

Collagen does not contain colorings, preservatives or other additives. It is free from GMOs and allergens. The product does not contain fat, sugar or any other carbohydrate

6 types of collagen Colpropur:

Application: dietary supplements, functional food additive, cosmetics.